Talks & Demonstrations

My life in embroidery

One of Brenda Scarman's most popular topics as a speaker is a general talk about her life in embroidery. An interactive session, Brenda brings along many pieces of textile work to show and discuss with the group - which can involve a snapshot of some of the traditional techniques that go into the pieces, the design and creation process behind them or a little bit of history about the development of the stitch or indeed how each piece of work fits into Brenda's life!

Goldwork demonstrations

From a simple one hour taster to a full day exploration, Brenda offers demonstrations in the exquisite technique of Goldwork. Goldwork, or metal thread embroidery, enhances rich fabrics, which historically symbolised wealth and status. One of its original uses was on ecclesiastical vestments, and the earliest surviving example of English metal thread work is the 10th Century stole and maniple of St. Cuthbert on display in Durham Cathedral. Visitors to Lincolnshire's Doddington Hall in 2009 - one of England's best-preserved Elizabethan stately homes - will have enjoyed Brenda's demonstration of traditional Goldwork embroidery.

Demonstrations of other techniques are also available on request.

"I do not bring slides or give a Powerpoint presentation. Everything is practical and available to touch!"

Taster sessions

Just launched - short bite-sized workshops aimed at giving you a crash course in the basics of: Hardanger, Casalguidi, Elizabethan and Silk Ribbon embroidery. Get in touch to find out more.